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Rubber industry achieved brilliant development achievements during 70 years

Rubber industry achieved brilliant development achievements during 70 years

Issue Time:2020-02-25

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Over 70 years, China’s rubber industry insisted on technological progress and innovative development to achieve earthshaking change. 

It built the complete industrial system in planned economy period, realized technological progress, product update and ultra-convention development to become the No. 1 rubber industry power in the world after reform and opening-up. Especially, since the new century, China’s rubber industry has changed from quantitative change to qualitative change and is stepping toward rubber industry power. 

The period from the “10th Five-year” to the “11th Five-year” was 10 years during which China’s rubber industry achieved the fasted growth, meanwhile, the product structure was adjusted and optimized quickly; compared with 2005, the gross industrial output value in 2010 increased by 178%, with an average annual growth of 36%, thus realizing the sprint toward a rubber industry power; during the period of the “12th Five-year”, the industrial development entered the important period for transition and transformation from old mode to new mode; during the period of the “13th Five-year”, seeking and promoting high-quality development became the theme, intelligent manufacturing with digitization, networking and intelligentization as the features became new force, dominant enterprises grasped the opportunity to adjust the layout and “went out” to improve their global competitiveness and green development and environment protection became the consensus of the industry. The development of China’s rubber industry is always connected to the fate of the country, after hardship, united struggle and perseverance, the country becomes strong and the industry becomes prosperous, with well establishment and vigorously development.

<Excerpt from China Rubber Web>

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