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Scientific research innovation and green development made great achievements

Scientific research innovation and green development made great achievements

Issue Time:2020-02-25

Innovative and green development attracts more and more attention from the rubber enterprises, the scientific and technological input is increased constantly, new product development and testing methods become perfected and scientific research development developed from following imitation to joint independent innovation. 

In 2019, seven results achieved by the colleges and universities as well as enterprises such as Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Triangle Tire, Sailun Group and China Rubber won National Petroleum and Chemical Science and Technology Progress Award. Linglong Tire won “China Grand Awards for Industry”; high-speed runway of Central-Asia Tire Proving Ground, the largest tire proving ground in Asia invested, has been all completed, with the largest angle of inclination of the surface of the runway as 49°39′, it is the asphalt concrete high-speed runway with the largest angle of inclination among the proving grounds in the world at present. 

A total of 21 enterprises passed the evaluation of National Enterprise Technology Center, including Greatoo Intelligent Equipment, Prinx Chengshan, Linglong Tire, Jinan Shengquan, Shandong Dawn, Doublestar Group, Triangle Group, Shandong Haomai, Jinneng Science and Technology, Yantai Tayho Advanced materials, MESNAC, Shenma Industrial, Yiyang Rubber and Plastics, Anhui Giti, Tianjin Saixiang, Guilin Rubber Machinery, Double Coin Tire, Guizhou Tyre, AEOLUS Tyre, Wanli Tire, Jiangsu Xingda, etc. 10 enterprises including Anhui Sennics, Xiamen CST Industrial, Xiamen CST Haiyan, Double Coin (Chongqing), Qingdao Sentury, Yanggu Huatai, Shandong Dawn, Cabot Chemical (Tianjin), Nanjing Orientleader, Hankook, etc. were rated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the 4th batch of green factories, 15 products/series of the enterprises such as Sailun, AEOLUS, Wanli, Double Coin, Doublestar, Xiamen CST and Qingdao Sentury became “Green Design Products”.

<Excerpt from China Rubber Web>

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